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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There! – Part 2

A few days later, I was visiting Susan Piver in her new home. She had graciously agreed to introduce me to the Shamatha meditation she describes in The Wisdom of a Broken Heart. First we sat and talked about why now was the right time to start meditating. Almost as soon as I opened my [...]

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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There! – Part 1

Much like I contemplated changing my drinking habits for years before ever taking the first step, I long considered making meditation practice a part of my life. Meditation was something I idealized; it was part of the person I wanted to become. I thought meditation would calm me down (eg, when trapped behind slow walkers, [...]

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Four out of Five Friends Don’t Think You Have a Drinking Problem

You know those questions you ask the people you’re close to? The ones you already know the answer to? Do I own too many shoes? How obvious is it that I hate my job? Do these jeggings make my thighs look like Redwoods? Mine was “Do you think I drink too much?” It was usually [...]

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This year is going to be different

There’s something so seductive about the New Year’s resolution. It’s a moment like no other, when the clock ticking forward signifies one year comes to a close and another begins anew. There is the temptation to resolve that this year is going to be different, that this is the year that I start eating healthy, [...]

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